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STAYIN’ FRESH: Quick Tips On How To Keep Your Trainers Clean AF

For sneakerheads, kicks are the most important part of any wardrobe! However, keeping those new creps looking box-fresh can be an everyday struggle.
Instead of keepin’ ya triple whites hidden away, we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips to help you tackle every challenge, stain, mark and more. Check them out…

1. Prep Ahead

To combat spills, splashes and everyday wear, the key is always – Prep Ahead! Our fave shoe care brand, Crep Protect has created a Rain and Stain Shoe Care Spray that acts as an invisible, protective barrier for all ya sneaks. Repelling liquids, the spray helps to minimize staining, dirt deposits and damp. No more permanent damage.

adidas Originals deerupt and crep protect spray

2. Beat Stains Straight Away

Nubuck and suede trainers can cause major issues when tryna’ keep them clean. From food to drinks, and all other kinds of stains, suede uppers can have a hard time fighting them off!
With the Crep Protect Eraser you’ve a pocket sized tool that cleans, cleanses and rebuffs your suede to look just like new – ideal for freshening up ya kicks on the move.


3. Don’t Let Them Meet The Washing Machine

Washing machines are powerful – fighting stains and dirt on your gear since day one. But, when it comes to your freshest sneaks, they’re a no-go. The washing machine can ruin your fave pair; from softening the leather to cracking patent uppers.
Instead, take the time to prep your kicks with water-resistant spray, tackle stains head on and your washing machine won’t ever need to know…

Crep Protect Eraser
crep protect eraser 2

4. Look At Ya Laces

Laces are a quick-fix when it comes to cleanin’ up your kicks. When these guys need a little re-vitalizing, the easiest thing to do is take them out and give them a wash. Put them in one of ya socks or a net laundry bag so you don’t lose them and add them to your normal wash. Good as new…

5. Ditch That Stank

You got yourself the ultimate running shoes, you smash out any distance with confidence and then you realize workin’ up a sweat is leaving ya shoes less than fresh…Cop ya’self the Crep Protect Pill Shoe Freshener. This bad boy is a leave-in shoe miracle-worker that leaves those sneaks smelling fresher than FRESH!
Shaped like a pill with a simple twist function, this Shoe Freshener is ready to revitalise your favourite pair.

Crep Protect Pill Shoe Freshener
Crep Protect Pill Shoe Freshener

Box-fresh, street-ready and stain-free – WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?


Shop the complete Crep Protect range here or stop by at any of our JD stores to get ‘em!


(Images courtesy of @crepprotect)

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